One Ounce of Truth - The Nikki Giovanni Songs

one ounce of truth

Vocals by Capathia Jenkins
Music Composed and Arranged by Louis Rosen
Poetry by Nikki Giovanni

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New York Times:
"The songs are sly, playful observations that take an off-center, positive view of life and love….Mr. Rosen’s music is notable…uncategorizable, a continually shifting musical patchwork of blues, folk, jazz and pop as earthy, tuneful art song…. As Ms. Jenkins sings in a sweet, sunny voice with an undertone of resolve, a poet in touch with her life force smiled through the music."

Bloomberg News:
"The blissful collaboration of composer Louis Rosen and singer Capathia Jenkins has found a kindred spirit in the poet Nikki Giovanni, and the combination has charm and beauty to spare….

Jenkins will knock you flat….I’ve never been so seduced by
music completely new to me yet as embraceable as any from
the classic American songbook….Don’t miss this!”

Cabaret Scenes:
…A textbook example of a near-perfect marriage of poetry and music…and as sung by Capathia Jenkins, the songs become a celebration of every facet of life. Rosen uses a wide range of musical styles to emphasize the many emotions in Giovanni’s words. Bassa nova, folk, jazz and a dash of soul all fit well with the sharply intelligent lyrics….

Edge, New York
FRANK PAIVA …Sophisticated and thrilling, a true treat for adults looking for meaningful pop music….

Songs include:
1. The World (is Not a Pleasant Place to Be)
2. Telephone Song
3. The Moon Shines Down
4. I Wrote a Good Omelete
5. I Want to Sing
6. At the Ball (Convenient Haystacks)
7. You Were Gone
8. All I Gotta Do
9. Kiss a Frog (a lullaby)
10. The Black Loom (The Genie in the Jar: for Nina Simone)
11. One Ounce of Truth
12. That Day
13. Things That Go Together